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Bay Geek, Greater San Francisco's best choice for computer service. Our number one goal is to provide the most professional solutions for computer repair services. We have the expertise and experience to resolve all your computer problems.

We handle everything from simple fixes to help you get most out of your home PC, to complex ones like setting up a business network, all within 24 hours of scheduling your appointment.

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Computer Repair in San Francisco
We repair all brands of personal computers, PC or Mac. We specialize in Hardware and Software Repair, including laptop repair to get your computer running properly again. Just schedule a service and we'll send out a Geek right away to help your with your computer problem.

Laptop Repair in San Francisco
Laptops and notebook computers usually take extra abuse from being portable. Their portability and compact size makes them more vulnerable to damage from overheating, liquid spill, falls, etc. We know Laptop Service by heart. Having access to affordable parts and the best rate for computer service in San Francisco makes us the number one choice for laptop service.

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Did you know our customers save an average of $100 or more per service by choosing us when repairing their apple computer?

Our Number One Policy: NOT FIXABLE - NO CHARGE!

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